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Vista’s restaurant at The Feather Hill

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Vista’s restaurant situated at the heart of The Feather hill boutique hotel found in the North west province in an academic city called Potchefstroom. The Feather hill boutique hotel is known for the breath-taking panoramic view of the city, hence the reason for our restaurant’s name. We are the view on the hill. Vista’s restaurant mimics this stunning view into the food. Our chefs want to compliment this view by setting a plate of food in front of you that is almost too beautiful to eat, but too delicious not to. We are the new kids on the block, and we aim to meet your every need.


plural noun: vistas

  1. a pleasing view.

“sweeping lawns and landscaped vistas”

Vista’s is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that you won’t find anywhere else in Potchefstroom, or for that matter in a 100 km Radius. Here at Vista’s, you can enjoy Breakfast with a view or a scrumptious lunch at the poolside with a refreshing cocktail in hand, or a well thought out dinner with carefully selected ingredients that will make your taste buds explode. We take pride in using the freshest and most flavourful ingredients that still give you all the nutrients you need. You can indulge in the fact that the herbs on your plate comes straight from our herb garden.

Our menu is changing seasonally to make sure we keep up with the trends and to use fruits and vegetables in season, also keeping it interesting for you, because we can guarantee that you will want to come again

Why don’t you experience it yourself …?

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