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Secrets to a stress free kitchen tea

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To plan a Kitchen Tea is a lovely way to include friends and family of all ages, from the little flower girls to the elderly ladies. This needn’t be a formal affair and could take place in a home, a pretty garden or formal venue. It is usually the responsibility of a sister, friend or bridesmaid to arrange the Kitchen Tea and we have listed a few ideas to get you started.

How to Plan a Kitchen Tea:

1. The Guestlist

Ask the bride for a list of all the female weddings guests. There might even be one or two that are not able to make the wedding but would still like to be included in the pre-wedding celebrations.

2. The Venue

Decide on a place to host the Kitchen Tea. You can get really creative here and depending on the time of year, perhaps take the event outdoors. The mother of the bride might want to host the event at their home, which is a lovely way to make the guests feel welcome. Alternatively, look at options such as the bride’s favourite restaurant or coffee shop.

3. Setting the Date

Try host the Kitchen Tea as close to the wedding day as possible as you will then be able to include guests who are just in town for the wedding.

4. Activities and Entertainment

To include one or two activities to the event is a great way to break the ice and draw attention to the bride to be. You could also look at booking some entertainment, such as a caricaturist or live musician. Have a look at these 9 Fun Kitchen Tea Games to keep the bride and guests entertained.

5. Theme

It’s a great idea to set a theme early. You can then incorporate this into the invitations, decor and dress code. We have listed a couple fun ideas here.

6. Invitation

Nowadays it is most convenient to send out an email invitation, but this does not need to be a normal-looking email. The company designing the actual wedding invitations might be able to help in creating a professional e-vite. Make sure to include the gifting details e.g. gift registry, lingerie etc.

7. Gifts

It is important to find out from the bride or wedding couple what they would like to include in their gift wish list. Should they already have a fully stocked home or live abroad then there are many other great options, ranging from honeymoon registries to charity donations.

8. Catering

Whether you provide some home-cooked snacks, picnic baskets or employ an independent caterer, make sure the guests enjoy a good meal that suits the occasion. Keep in mind you might need to hire cutlery and crockery depending on the size and venue. Also, think about the beverages you would like to serve, remembering that there may be guests who do not drink alcohol.

9. Clean up

If you are having the Kitchen Tea at a private residence, enlist a couple of friends or family to stay a bit longer and help with the cleanup. There is nothing worse than being left with the mess after a long day.

Finally, make sure the bride to be is spoilt and showered with love and blessings before her big day.

Have a look at our Kitchen Tea Ideas board on Pinterest for more ideas on venues, gifts, tips and food for your kitchen tea or bachelorette.

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