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Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway

Insider Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway

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The Feather Hill’s guide to a guilt-free, drink-in-hand-by-noon, picnic-by-the-pool romantic getaway for two, with spa treatments included, of course!

Firstly, avoid calling it a “romantic getaway” to ease the pressure

If you make the grave mistake of calling it a romantic getaway then you’ll raise expectations that will bite you in the bottom. Impossibly high expectations will cause you and your beloved to fixate on finding ideas to ramp up the romance.

Instead of racking your brains to come up with suitably romantic things to do and wondering if you should feed each other chocolate-covered strawberries… or something, why not just forget the clichés?

Yes, a romantic getaway is supposed to be, well, romantic, but it should also be relaxing. So, don’t stress. No one does romance quite like The Feather Hill, which is why it is the perfect destination for you and your significant other.

Below, are our top insider tips for planning an unforgettable passionate getaway.

1. Get remote

Consider self-imposed exile at The Feather Hill. Personally, we can’t think of anything better than being cooped up in a love nest at an enchanting hilltop boutique hotel with a day spa and fine dining restaurant named Vista’s (which refers to the breath-taking views of Potchefstroom that can be seen from the top).

2. Keep your technology locked up.

You should leave your smartphones, tablets, and even your smartwatch (counting steps can wait) in the hotel safe and not take them out until you leave. When you enjoy a relaxing massage at our day spa, the last thing you want is to be interrupted by notifications.

3. It is not the right time for a cleanse.

Eat carbs and sip your favourite cocktail while enjoying Vista’s picnic basket. We insist.

4. Don’t book a restaurant that serves more than three courses.

The last thing you want is to sit through a meal longer than you would need to prepare an entire feast all by yourself. Luckily, our restaurant, Vista’s at The Feather Hill, has a beautifully curated à la carte menu boasting a contemporary three-course dining experience.

5. Day drinking is allowed, as are hangovers. Bring Advil.

Let us create the setting for you – you’ve slept in, it’s now 10 am and you’re ready for a mimosa brunch at Vista’s, followed by cocktails while lounging by the pool in perfect sunny weather.

6. Finances are not to be discussed.

The same applies to remarks about the bar tab – strictly prohibited.

7. Stay in the room (if that’s all you want to do).

The interiors and amenities of our luxurious accommodations are so astonishingly appealing, you’ll want to stay in your bathrobe all day long. We say do it. And order room service while you’re at it.

8. Relinquish control.

An all-inclusive, romantic getaway at The Feather Hill is the perfect option if you’re in need of rest. You won’t have to worry about what lies beyond our borders. It would allow you to enjoy all that we have to offer without having to worry about the tensions of everyday life. For example, “What should we do? What should we eat? Who will prepare it?”

9. Take time for yourself.

It’s perfectly fine to take a break for a few hours for some you-time. You don’t have to spend every waking minute together just because it’s a romantic getaway. Lounge by the pool with a picnic basket while your partner enjoys a treatment in our day spa. Meet up after for drinks and a romantic dinner at our restaurant, Vista’s.

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