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DIY at home spa day in 5 steps

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Further on in the article, I’ll be showing you how to create dedicated home spa rooms in your home or garden, but right now, I’m going to show you how to create your own DIY home spa day in the rooms you already have in your home.

1) Choose Your Home Spa Day

Is this going to be something you do on your own at night time, a routine that you could do to relax yourself every evening? Or will you choose to make a whole day out of it and invite some friends with you?

2) Choose Your Home Spa Room

Will you choose your lounge for your home spa day so you have more space to move around and invite friends? You can even utilize your TV with some relaxing imagery or even watch a movie while you are pampering yourself. Perhaps the bathroom is the best choice for your home spa so you can have a relaxing spa bath and use some of your homemade beauty products which might get a bit messy. Or the bedroom could be a great option for your home spa so that you can lie on your bed with some soothing music and if you happen to fall asleep, you’re in the perfect place.

3) Set The Scene

Make sure you have dimmed the lights, and light some candles or use a salt lamp to purify the air while providing a perfect focal point to help you relax. Put on some relaxing music, some meditation music is a perfect choice. Turn your phone off and tell your family not to disturb you. Get yourself a nice healthy drink such as a sleepy tea, or some detox water. Put on your essential oils diffuser with some nice relaxing essential oils.

4) Give Yourself Some DIY Spa Treatments

Give yourself a facial, face mask body scrub, pedicure or manicure, hair mask, foot cream, put some cucumbers on your eyes and relax.

5) Take A Calming Spa Bath

There are so many ways to turn your bathtub into a spa bath such as adding bubbles, putting rose petals in the bath, lighting candles and adding a cushion for your head. I go into more detail about this in the spa bath section of this guide.

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